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CD: FDIC Deposit Insurance

CD: FDIC Deposit Insurance


$229.00 - CD: FDIC Deposit Insurance - Non-Member

$129.00 - CD: FDIC Deposit Insurance - Member


Newly Updated to include the latest on noninterest bearing transaction accounts as required by Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. FDIC Deposit Insurance is an interactive rich application on CD that provides you with immediate and easy access to information about FDIC insurance.

Topics include:

  • Ownership categories
  • Category requirements
  • How to determine categories
  • Coverage limits
  • FDIC Insurance Regulation – new
  • Exercises for talking with customers

The CD program includes:

  • Computer based manual
  • Manual hard copy (pdf)
  • Presentation – updated format
  • Testing – new questions
  • Requirement of interest on demand deposit acounts

New presentation format makes viewing just one section quick and easy. View the presentation in a group or individually. Select any of the topics in the manual for in-depth information. You'll find quizzes, examples and exercises to further your study. This is a must have resource for anyone responsible for deposits.

Length: 15 minutes

Written and produced by Chaotic Solutions.

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