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Online: IT Security: Safe Web Browsing (Individual)

Online: IT Security: Safe Web Browsing (Individual)


$299.00 - Online: IT Security: Safe Web Browsing (Individual) - Nonmember

$179.00 - Online: IT Security: Safe Web Browsing (Individual) - Member

This course explores the threats to your security and privacy, and threats to your organization. Learn how to mitigate these threats with software settings and updates, as well as best practices for safe web browsing. Rev–Mar. 2021. Course Length ≈ 35 minutes
Learning Objectives:
·Explain why security on the web matters – what cyberthieves can do and how
·Recall why privacy on the web mattes and how to maximize it
·Describe how to make your web browser as secure and private as possible
·Outline what additional actions you or your IT Department need to take to ensure your web security and privacy
·Summarize best practices for avoiding security and privacy issues while using the web
Course Outline:
·What cyberthieves are trying to do
·How cyberthieves acquire your information and attack your systems
·Browsing privacy
·Securing your web browser
·Software/actions requiring IT department
·Safe browsing behavior
This course is worth 0.75 CPE credits. – Course ID # P0640EN 
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