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Online: Security: An Orientation (Individual)

Online: Security: An Orientation (Individual)


$299.00 - Online: Security: An Orientation (Individual)

$179.00 - Online: Security: An Orientation (Individual)

An effective security program is an excellent tool for protecting the institution's work product, physical assets, intellectual assets, and personnel. This course will introduce key concepts in security and provide a basic understanding of the security function. This course is intended for all bank personnel. . Rev–Jul.
2018. Course ≈ 26 minutes.
Learning Objectives:
• Define the terms "security" and "loss prevention."
• Identify the key features of an effective security program (who, what, where, when, why, how).
• Explain the terms "non-crime event" and "crime event."
• Identify and briefly explain the three categories of crime.
• Identify the two main types of offender.
• Outline the responsibilities of the institution's employees with regard to security.
• Identify monetary and non-monetary costs of crime.
Course Outline:
• Definitions and Overview
• Security Program Foundation
• Security Priorities
• Crime Events
• Types of Crimes
• Offenders
• Employee Responsibilities
• Costs & Loss Prevention
This course is worth 0.5 CPE credit. – Course ID# P0142EN
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