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Webinar: Leadership Series 2: Community Bank Leadership & Professional Development Series (MP3)

Webinar: Leadership Series 2: Community Bank Leadership & Professional Development Series (MP3)


$829.00 - Webinar: Leadership Series 2: Community Bank Leadership & Professional Development Series (MP3)

$329.00 - Webinar: Leadership Series 2: Community Bank Leadership & Professional Development Series (MP3)


If you can lead, you will succeed. Community bank leaders should use this statement to catapult their learning into high gear. As a community bank leader, you get to look beyond today and look for opportunities to lead yourself, your bank, and your community forward.

The community, both within and outside a bank, needs its leaders to evolve even before they ask. Remember that as a community bank leader, your view of the future is contagious. In this webinar series, three leadership experts share their fearless thoughts and observations to offer you valuable insights into taking your leadership skills to peak level.

A total of four digital webinars comprise this webinar series.

Get ready to Face FWD, Learn FWD, and LEAD FWD!

Transitions: Learning to Lead

This program helps individual contributors make the transition to leadership positions in a smoother more efficient manner. Some organizations will also utilize the program as part of a succession planning process.

Your Leadership Brand: Evaluating Your Impact, Communicating Your Value

Presented in partnership with Sara Canaday, Leadership Development Expert, Speaker & Author

Your personal brand is the synthesis of several key components - including visuals, messaging, demeanor, interpersonal skills and more. When these pieces come together they create the whole picture that the rest of the world recognizes as You. As professionals and leaders, we spend time, energy, and resources finding new ways to be more successful. We do whatever it takes to make our own personal stock rise in value. Or do we? Here’s the disconnect: The factors that pay the most dividends are the same ones that are most often overlooked or disregarded. They are the intangible factors that allow us to showcase our hard earned skills, present ourselves effectively, and effectively engage with others.

While some people might think about “personal branding” as a soft, somewhat-vague concept, Sara shifts that notion and turns it completely upside down. Applying a unique and quantifiable process, she helps leaders and professionals across the country analyze, measure and refine their brands in a way that increases their own personal market value (as well as the bottom-line benefits they bring to their companies).

Highlights in this webinar include:

  • Identify the three critical components of your Leadership Brand
  • Learn to identify your brand attributes, strengthen your influence, and communicate your value
  • Respond to the demands that go beyond the technical and functional
  • Formulate strategies that form the basis of a personal development plan

Train Your Brain For Success

Presented in partnership with Roger Seip, Co Founder, Freedom Personal Development

Your brain is the single biggest driver of your energy, your focus and the results you realize in every area of life. Your career, finances, physical health and relationships are constantly created and influenced by your thinking. Gain a better understanding of how your brain creates your experiences, how it shapes your results and how to overcome your brain’s default settings. Learn to harness the incredibly creative capacity of your mind and achieve your personal best – professionally, financially and personally.

Innovation: How to Create an Innovative Culture and Environment

Presented in partnership with Brad Federman, CEO, F & H Solutions Group

Innovation. The introduction of something new and different. Period. End of story. Innovation is not the job of IT or marketing or even product development. Innovation is everyone’s job. Each person is a part of any change and each and every change, large or small, is a form of innovation. What sparks innovation in organizations? Why is it so difficult? Learn what it takes to create an innovative culture and how leadership may be inadvertently hindering it.

This program is designed not only to apply innovation principles and tools and increase critical thinking, but to explore how to bring them back to your team in a productive manner.

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