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Online: Robbery Response Techniques for All Personnel (Individual)

Online: Robbery Response Techniques for All Personnel (Individual)


$299.00 - Online: Robbery Response Techniques for All Personnell (Individual)

$179.00 - Online: Robbery Response Techniques for All Personnell (Individual)

All bank personnel are just as responsible for maintaining the institution's Security Program as is the Security Officer and the role is a simple, but critical, one. This course discusses options – not absolutes – for handling robberies and related offenses. Having options or a "menu" of available choices – and knowing what those options are and how to use them – is important to the safety of all bank employees and customers. The more options available means one can be more flexible and versatile when responding to emergency events. This course is intended for all bank personnel.Rev–Jul.
2018. Course ≈ 22 minutes.
Learning Objectives:
The purpose of this course is to provide a standardized robbery training program that's suitable for delivery to all of the institution's personnel. By the end of this course, you should be able to answer:
• Why is critical decision making so important?
• How should I describe robbers?
• What types of robberies are most common?
• Is there a difference between business crimes and personal crimes?
• How can I determine my vulnerability?
• Should I develop a robbery response plan?
• What are the most effective robbery prevention techniques?
• Who handles media relations after a robbery?
Course Outline
• Decision Making
• Robber Descriptions
• Common Robberies
• Business vs. Personal Crimes
• Vulnerabilities
• Response Plan
• Prevention Techniques
• Media Relations
This course is worth 0.5 CPE credit. – Course ID# P0143EN
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