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CD: CSR Programs (Package)

CD: CSR Programs (Package)


$699.00 - CD: CSR Programs (Package) - Non-Member

$599.00 - CD: CSR Programs (Package) - Member


Tellers are the front line of your bank—ensure they have the necessary knowledge and tools to be successful. Each program includes a presentation for individual or group viewing on a computer screen. The manual is searchable with quizzes, examples, and testing.

Set of 6 CDs.

Length: 20 minutes each

Written and produced by Chaotic Solutions

How May I Help You?—This program discusses customer service skills ranging from professional appearance and greeting customers to handling complaints to cross-selling. The program also covers deposit account descriptions according to Regulation D as well as the role of Regulation DD and Regulation E. 

Keep Your Frontline Personnel Safe—This program covers security measures bank personnel need to know and understand, including Bank Protection Act, actions to take before and during a robbery, kidnap situations, suspicious mail, and more. Checklists, quick reference sheets, and worksheets are included. 

Role of Customer Service in Information Security—This program discusses what information security is, and how sensitive customer information can be compromised. Learn how the requirements of privacy: safeguarding of customer information, customer identification program and the ID theft rule pertain to customer interaction with frontline personnel.

Role of Compliance in Customer Security—This program discusses how Bank Secrecy Act identification requirements and their importance to customer security. Focus is on Customer identification, proper identification of customers for $3,000-$10,000 recordkeeping purposes and Currency Transaction Report (CTR) reporting.

Fraudulent Checks—This program covers the different types of check fraud schemes and methods used to commit fraud. Includes what to watch for when assisting customers with cashing checks, including common red flags.

Regulation E—This program is an interactive rich application that provides you with immediate and easy access to information about customer service and the requirements of Regulation E including the latest on Subpart B: remittance of transfers effective February 2013.

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