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Webinar: Psychology of Robbery (MP4)

Webinar: Psychology of Robbery (MP4)


$309.00 - Webinar: Psychology of Robbery (MP4)

$209.00 - Webinar: Psychology of Robbery (MP4)


Recorded: August 15, 2017

Length: 60 Minutes

When your customers walk into your bank, they see an inviting space and friendly staff.

But, when a potential robber walks through your bank's front door, what will they see? What motivates them to challenge your bank's security and threaten the safety of your staff and customers?

Is your lobby unwelcoming for a robber? How will your staff act? The actions—or inactions—of the staff can affect what happens next.

Join this webinar to peek inside the mind of a today's bank robber. Learn what the courage desk is and how it’s used in the robber’s decision-making process. Finally, review factors that make your institution a favorable target and discuss tactics that can reduce that risk.

Presenter: Randall Phillips, VP of Security Management, Thompson Consulting Group, LLC

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