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Bank Director Training: Regulatory Compliance

Bank Director Training: Regulatory Compliance


$189.00 - Bank Director Training: Regulatory Compliance - Non-Member

$129.00 - Bank Director Training: Regulatory Compliance - Member


Regulatory Compliance is one CD of a 21 CD collection that provides pertinent information for experienced and new directors. These programs incorporate elements of today's economic picture to show the relevance of the regulatory guidance for all banks. Each program is approximately 15 minutes in length.

Topics include director's responsibility for regulatory compliance, compliance activities, compliance function, compliance management program, organizational structure, policies and procedures, compliance audit function, and examinations.

Available in Windows Media Player Format

Written and produced by Chaotic Solutions.

Bank Director Program Participant Price: $99 each; $1,780 for all 21 CDs (Not enrolled in the Bank Director Program? Click here to learn more.)

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