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Webinar: Psychology of Robbery (MP4)

Webinar: Psychology of Robbery (MP4)


$319.00 - Webinar: Psychology of Robbery (MP4) - Nonmember

$219.00 - Webinar: Psychology of Robbery (MP4) - Member


Recorded: August 4, 2020

Length: 60 Minutes

Take a look inside the head of a bank robber. Learn what the motivating factors are and why they do what they do. When a potential robber walks through the front door, the actions or inactions of the financial institution’s staff can have a definite impact on what happens next. Learn what the courage desk is and how it’s used in the robber’s
decision making process. We’ll review factors that make your institution a favorable target and discuss tactics that can aid in reducing that likelihood.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the effect of psychological pressure on a would-be robber.
  2. Identify visible cues of a potential robbery within your lobby.
  3. Learn how to increase the pressure on a suspicious person without being alarming to an innocent person.
  4. Establish why observation and awareness are critically important.
  5. Develop a positive security culture with your staff.

Presenter: Randy Phillips, Thompson Consulting Group

ICBA Members: $219
Nonmembers: $319

1 CPE Credit

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