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Webinar: 2015 Credit Bootcamp Webinar Series (MP3)

Webinar: 2015 Credit Bootcamp Webinar Series (MP3)


$867.00 - Webinar: Credit Bootcamp Webinar Series (MP3) - Non-Member

$567.00 - Webinar: Credit Bootcamp Webinar Series (MP3) - Member


Recorded: September 15, 2015, October 13, 2015 and November 5, 2015

Join us for a 3-part Credit Risk Boot Camp. Attend all 3 sessions and save!

Part 1: Financial Analysis

To accurately assess the creditworthiness and repayment risk of a borrower, you must first understand the borrower's story. How the borrowers business has performed over the past several periods, or trending, and the corresponding financial statements will help you understand and more aptly tell the story. Join us for part-one of our new "Credit Boot Camp" webinar series.

During this 60-minute webinar, credit expert and Community Banker University trainer Jeff Judy will present a proven financial statement analysis process that you can use to enhance your credit decision process. Jeff will also cover the role of accounting in developing financial statements and key financial analysis tools used to assess borrower performance. You will gain a better understanding of the impact financial statements make on ratio calculation and acquire enhanced communication skills to ask more thorough questions of the borrower and to detail risk issues in credit memos.

Part 2: Cash and Repayment

Commercial credit risk, as we have seen in the past few years, can be the downfall of a financial institution if managed improperly. To adequately manage commercial credit risk, the community banker needs to understand the keys to determining repayment. Join us for part-two of our "Credit Boot Camp" webinar series and enhance your ability to identify commercial credit risk.

During this 60-minute webinar, credit expert and Community Banker University trainer Jeff Judy will uncover why the term "Cash Is King" isn't just a cliché phrase, but rather, a saying that speaks to the heart of commercial credit. Attendees will obtain the tools to help determine the cause of a borrowers cash shortfall and their subsequent ability to generate cash for repayment, both critical in correctly analyzing a borrower's credit request.

Part 3: Qualitative Analysis

Financial analysis, which is really quantitative analysis, is about looking at the numbers and assessing the changes. However, it isn't really credit analysis until the outcome of the numbers has been explained. Want to reinforce your knowledge and skills to confidently explain these outcomes? Join us for part-three of our "Credit Boot Camp" webinar series.

During this 60-minute webinar session, credit expert and Community Banker University trainer Jeff Judy will help you improve your ability to detect and explain the reasons for changes in a borrower's financial statements. This session will explore:

  • Economy and Impact on Business Performance
  • Operating Environment and Impact on Business
  • Industry Analysis
  • Marketplace Strategy Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Management Analysis

Presenter: Jeff Judy, Jeff Judy & Associates

Jeff has devoted more than thirty years to exploring relationships between financial service providers and their customers. That experience has convinced me that both the provider and the user of financial services benefit from deep knowledge and a thorough understanding of how that interaction works, and from knowing what goals, concerns, and methods command the attention of both sides of the relationship.

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1 CPE Credit Per Session

Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

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