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Online: ICBA Audit Certificate Program (Individual)

Online: ICBA Audit Certificate Program (Individual)


$2499.00 - Online: ICBA Audit Certificate Program (Individual) - Nonmember

$999.00 - Online: ICBA Audit Certificate Program (Individual) - Member


The Audit Certificate Program equips internal auditors with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully conduct and perform the internal audit function in their bank. This certificate program consists of five critical learning areas (32 total courses). This program takes approximately 27 hours to complete. Upon successful completion of all five learning areas and tests, the learner is awarded a certificate of completion. Continuing CPE credits are not required.

Area 1: Introduction to Community Bank Auditing
  • Auditing: The Basics
  • Regulatory Accounting & Operational Auditing
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act Primer
  • Introductions to Risk Management
  • Internal Auditing Working Papers
  • Understanding Fraud for Internal Auditors
  • Business Writing: Being Effective
  • Area #1 Test
Area 2: Auditing Assets & Liabilities
  • Interpreting Financial Statements
  • Deposits 101
  • Auditing Assets
  • Auditing Liabilities and Other Activities
  • Area #2 Test
Area 3: Compliance Auditing
  • Regulatory Examination Preparation
  • Introduction to Deposit Compliance
  • Regulation E: Overview
  • Introduction to Lending Compliance
  • Regulation Z: Overview
  • Flood Disaster Protection Act
  • Appraisal Standards
  • Consumer Lending Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Red Flags Identity Theft Prevention Programs
  • Understanding UDAAP
  • Area #3 Test
Area 4: Specialty Auditing & IT
  • Fundamentals of IT Security
  • Fraud Awareness and Detection
  • Bank Information System Auditing
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Overview
  • Area #4 Test
Area 5: Communicating the Results
  • Communicating Proactively
  • Communicating Cross Culturally
  • Business Writing; Preparation
  • Report Organization and Presentation
  • Presentations that Work
  • Area #5 Test
CPE Credits: 27
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