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Audio: Community Bank Acquisitions Simplified (CD)

Audio: Community Bank Acquisitions Simplified (CD)


$309.00 - Audio: Community Bank Acquisitions Simplified (CD) - Non-Member

$209.00 - Audio: Community Bank Acquisitions Simplified (CD) - Member


Recorded: January 27, 2015

Length: 60 Minutes

The current environment will present many community banks the opportunity to evaluate some type of merger or acquisition transaction. Some community banks have seasoned veterans that have been through this process a number of times. However, most community bank officers and directors have never been through an actual acquisition transaction. This presentation will prepare community bank officers and directors for a potential merger or acquisition by presenting a step-by-step overview of the merger and acquisition process from beginning to end.

The presentation will cover the 10 steps of a community bank acquisition transaction, including the initial "dance" between the buyer and seller, valuation techniques, structure and documentation issues, regulatory applications and the completion of the transaction, including the exchange of consideration. This presentation will be full of practical advice on each step of the process and will provide your officers and directors with the information needed to fully understand the community bank mergers and acquisitions process.

Speaker: Greyson E. Tuck

Mr. Tuck is a member of the Board of Directors of both the Memphis based law firm of Gerrish McCreary Smith, PC, Attorneys and Gerrish McCreary Smith, Consultants, LLC. These two firms have assisted numerous community banks in virtually every state across the nation. Mr. Tuck's legal and consulting practice places special emphasis on community bank holding company formation and use, community bank mergers and acquisitions, regulatory matters, corporate reorganizations, corporate taxation, general corporate law and community bank strategic planning.

1 CPE Credit

Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

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