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2018 ICBA Annual Directors Conference

October 14 — 16, 2018
Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa
1 Resort Drive
Savannah, GA 31421 

The role of a community bank director is one that is always changing and has never been more critical to the success of your bank. The ICBA Annual Directors Conference is an informative and engaging event that provides you with essential information and the latest in banking industry trends.

The Annual Directors Conference is designed to help you gain the tools essential to guide your bank’s growth and profitability and sustain its vision for the future. Leave this event with innovative practices, new strategies, and creative tactics you can bring back to your bank and implement immediately!

Governance, Director Liability and Strategic
Planning: What You Really Need to Know

These three topics are interrelated—part of
appropriate board governance is understanding
your liability as a director and ensuring strategic
planning. If your strategic planning does not
ensure that you have the appropriate board
governance plans in place and that you are
minimizing director liability, you are missing
the mark as well. This session focuses on the
practical steps to take and the nonsense that
can be avoided as related to governance,
director liability, and strategic planning. 
Things That Go Bump in the Night: What’s
Waking Your Compliance Officers at 3 a.m.

While bank directors may not be directly involved in the day-to-day compliance function, the burden of compliance falls on each and very stakeholder in the institution. As a leader, it’s important that you’re aware of the monsters lurking in the minds of your compliance officers and are taking the proper steps to ward off any ghosts haunting the institution come exam time. In this session we’ll explore the hottest topics in compliance, what the passage of S. 2155 could mean for your bank and the high-risk areas you need to address.
Current Trends in the Credit Environment
Credit plays a fundamental role in every community bank. As a director, you don’t spend a lot of time in the credit “weeds” but you need to understand the credit environment and the lending risks that may affect your credit portfolio. Hear about today’s credit threats and peer into the future to forecast tomorrow’s challenges. Discuss strategies to maximize the upside and mitigate the downside.

Lessons from the Trenches: What Bank Boards Need to Know about Cybersecurity
Savvy cyber criminals continue to evolve and relentlessly target financial institutions with an expanding arsenal of tools and tactics. This session covers the ever-evolving landscape of threats and risks that banks face, and identifies steps that banks can take to minimize the effects on their people, resources, and reputation. Learn about the weakest
links in the cyber security chain, discuss regulatory hot buttons, share resources that banks can leverage to defend their institution, and outline a plan for effectively responding to a cyber incident.
The Digital Dozen: 12 Key Strategies To Promote Your Community Bank Online
When it comes to your community bank’s online presence, numerous factors contribute to your success (or failure). Eric Cook, a former community banker, is a two-time contributing author for Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Digital Marketing and will share insights on strategies your institution should have in place. Although you most likely are not the individual updating your website or reviewing the bank’s site traffic reports, it is important in your role that you have a high-level understanding of the key elements that make up an effective online presence — especially because today’s consumers first go online when looking for information about your bank. As the “digitization of the consumer” shows no sign of slowing down, it’s critically important to understand how to leverage an effective digital strategy to remain relevant.

Bear Market Balance Sheet Dynamics
As the economy continues to show strength and inflation reaches a tipping point, current interest rates may be with us for a while. For the first time this decade, bankers are having to employ strategies to improve margins in rising rate scenarios. We will examine the industry’s exposure (or nonexposure) to rising rates, will discuss the current
posture of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, and hear how you can improve your bank’s performance in this environment.
The Board’s Role in the Ever-Changing M&A Market
How to handle the ever-changing M&A market is always a hot topic with community bank boards of directors. Most of these directors report that their banks are neither looking to buy nor sell. They simply want a better understanding of how market conditions affect their organizations. This session highlights issues for buyers and sellers as well as
those who simply wish to better position their board to take advantage of the benefits the M&A market offers.

How to Know if You’re a High-PerformingBank
It goes without saying that directors should know how their bank is performing. Numbers and trend lines tell part of the story. But does the bank truly qualify for high-performing status? We’ll discuss how to find out by viewing the bank from an investor’s perspective. That involves evaluating data and analysis of the bank’s own absolute performance and learning how it measures up to a select group of peers. We’ll examine which analytics should be assessed, as well as how to select a good, meaningful peer group for reliable comparisons. Each director will receive a Bank Performance Report Card and PeerWatch Trends report, both specific to their bank.

A Payments Guide for Directors
When it comes to payments, your competition is not just the bank or credit union down the street. It now includes Facebook, Venmo, Google, Apple and hundreds of emerging fintech companies. In this session, get to know the
pros and cons, benefits and risks for different types of payments. Ask questions and get up-to-speed on everything payments.

Effective Business Development Strategies for Bank Directors
Eighty-percent of the business development efforts at the board level are typically accomplished by a small handful of bank directors. Considerable opportunities exist today for all directors to become more comfortable and effective in their business development efforts. This presentation takes a holistic view of a variety of conventional and unconventional ways directors can make a meaningful contribution to their bank’s business development efforts. In addition, current trends in sales and selling will be discussed thus ensuring directors evolve with the times.

Workplace Violence Planning and Active Shooter Preparedness
Active shooter incidents have become a regular occurrence, not an anomaly. Also, lawsuits for not going far enough to protect staff and customers is a rising concern. While training staff and discussing active shooter prevention can be uncomfortable, it is important. This session covers the warning signs leading up to workplace violence and the importance of creating a culture of awareness and reporting. Learn why you need to have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and tackle the uncomfortable but necessary training component needed to be prepared to survive an active shooter situation.


Who Should Attend: Directors, Presidents, CEOs, Chairmen and Outside Counsel

12 CPE credits

Prerequisites: No previous experience or training necessary
Delivery Method: Group-Live
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge


ICBA Member
First Director: $995
Additional Director: $795
Spouse/Guest*: $349

First Director: $1,495
Additional Director: $1,195
Spouse/Guest*: $349

Bank Director Program Participants (Not enrolled in the Bank Director Program? Click here to learn more.)
First Director: $795
Additional Director: $595
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Bank Director Program Participants Non-Member
First Director: $1,295
Additional Director: $995
Spouse/Guest*: $349

**A guest is a spouse, significant other or friend who is not in a financial occupation. Paid spouse/guests/friends are invited to the Sunday evening reception, Monday and Tuesday lunches with directors and the Tuesday reception.

Hotel Information
Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa, Savannah, GA
Hotel: $220 per night (Plus state and local taxes and an additional $15 per night resort service charge)
Phone: 912-201-2000 (Reference ICBA 2018 Annual Directors Conference)
Cutoff Date: September 14, 2018

Hyatt Regency Savannah, Savannah GA
Hotel: $229 per night (Plus state and local taxes. Special group valet parking rate of $28)
Phone: 912-238-1234 (Reference ICBA 2018 Annual Directors Conference) 
Cutoff Date:  September 14, 2018
Reservations can be made by clicking the following link:  


The Annual Directors Conference is accessible from the Hyatt Regency via a 3 minute water ferry ride.
For specific hotel questions, contact Cindy Loxtercamp Thelen at: cindy.thelen@icba.org or 800-422-7285 x7336. 

For more information, contact Community Banker University at 800-422-7285 or communitybankeruniversity@icba.org.

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