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Seminar: Community Bank Marketing (SM5293120)

November 16 — 18, 2020
Virtual Event
Virtual Event  

ATTENTION: This event will be held via live-streaming. We will not be holding this as a live, in-person event at this time due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.

Community Bank Marketing Seminar
Retail wars, digital transformation, and customer demand are dramatically changing the landscape of community banking. To succeed in the competitive marketplace, community bank marketers and retail teams must be savvy, forward-thinking, and implement game-changing strategies. In this newly-created ICBA Community Bank Marketing Seminar, attendees will participate in two engaging days packed with critical information to propel a bank to the next level.


2020 Full Agenda Coming Soon!
Monday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m 
2021 Marketing Plan:
-COVID Lessons Learned
-Best Practices
-Crisis Response
-Diversity & Inclusion 
Tuesday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
Digital Marketing Strategy
Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 
Putting it all together: 
-Research Opportunities and Methodologies
-Data Management 
2019 AGENDA 

Day One: Agile Marketing – How to Prioritize, Partner and Produce Great Marketing!

As a bank marketer today you have more responsibilities in more areas than any of your predecessors. On the one hand, today you have more tools and channels than ever before. On the other, you have some of the same
legacy budget and staffing constraints you did decades ago. 
Help is here!
Today is all about helping you become more agile, more efficient and more effective based on our hands-on experience with banks just like yours. You’ll learn how to:
-Identify your bank’s agile strengths and shore up your bank’s weaknesses 
·Create the next generation of collateral: modular, uber branded and ux-based
·Choose and manage vendors more effectively
·Employ our Favorite Five Frontline engagement tactics
·Create more effective digital campaigns by learning our do’s and don’ts
·Create your data-based to-do list
-From your core provider
-From your CRM
And of course …
We’ll refresh you on long-term deposit strategies and customer succession options.
You’re Invited! On Wednesday evening, we’re hosting a special dinner for the class so we can   unwind, share some great food (and wine!) and get to know each other. You’ll love it!
This is a day focused on you. Bring your questions, your success stories and be ready for an abundance of tactics and takeaways relevant to your bank in 2020!

Day Two: Digital Marketing Strategy

Your second day of the CBMS will dive into all things digital. With your bank’s website likely being the most visited “branch office” in your entire network (many times over), making sure that your online and digital strategy is strong is a vital component of any marketer’s toolbox. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the four main pillars of an online strategy to take back to your bank:

1. Site – Understand why your bank’s website should be at the center of your online efforts. We’ll look at things like mobile friendliness, analytics, conversion tracking, good landing page design, and content creation.
2. Search – Being found for not just “who you are” but “what you do” is important to remaining relevant in today’s online world. We’ll explore ways to tip the scales on SERPs (search engine result pages) both organically and via paid strategies.
3. Social – Building engagement on social networking sites is becoming harder, especially for brands (i.e. “banks”). We’ll cover some ways you can cut through the clutter and why you need to start thinking about getting your employees on board to help reach your audience and cut through the clutter.
4. Mobile – For some, the mobile device is the only device used to go online. But, when someone is on a smaller screen does that change your digital strategy? It should, and after day two you’ll know why!
We’ll also explore some of the newer technologies that are starting to “come of age” in the world of community banking. Marketing automation technology and chatbots are just a couple of things to watch… and ensure that you have them on your marketing roadmap.
Come with questions, leave with a strategic advantage!
Fee:  (Registration fee is valid for one connection, only for the individual registered.)
ICBA Member: $595 – prior to Oct. 13 / $695 after Oct. 13
Nonmember: $795
Nonbanker: $1,195
Bank Director Program Participants: $495


Prerequisites: No previous experience and training necessary.
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Application
Program Level: Intermediate

CPE Credits: 16

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