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Seminar: Fraud Seminar (SM5840120)

April 2 — 3, 2020
Embassy Suites - San Antonio Riverwalk
125 East Houston Street
San Antonio, TX 78205-2247 

ATTENTION: This event will be held via live-streaming. We will not be holding this as a live, in-person event at this time due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), businesses lose 5 percent of gross profit annually due to fraud.

In nearly half of these cases, ACFE reports that the fraud could have been prevented had the business enacted stronger internal controls. 
Join Community Banker University and fraud experts Barry Thompson and Randy Phillips for a fast-moving, dynamic seminar that will prepare you to identify and protect your bank's reputation and assets.  Benefit from the interactive format and expert instruction and leave with essential knowledge and tools that you can implement immediately.  
Day One
Hot Topics in Fraud – Breakout session   
·Discuss the types of fraud your peers are experiencing?
·What has changed recently?
·What payment channels are being targeted?
·Learn how criminals are attacking you and your customers.
·Identify the significant part that social media plays in fraud.

The Truth About Fraud   
·CEO’s will tell you their fraud tolerance is NONE. That’s not true.
·Learn the truth; if you don’t manage fraud it will manage the institution.
·This dynamic session will bring you the facts.
·We’ll explain the issues of risk appetite and risk tolerance.
·Discover internal and external fraud types that normal controls can’t contain.
·Establish a foundation for understanding fraud risk management.

Real Life Case Analysis  
·You’ll be the investigator for a bank crime that really happened.
·Be prepared to think outside the box to gather information.
·Learn to stay open-minded and avoid tunnel vision.
·How will you control the situation?
·What steps will you take to investigate?

Handling Teller Differences

·Differences are a fact of life but don’t ignore them.
·Learn how your cumulative totals can be used against you.
·What should be contained in teller difference procedures?
·Identify the importance of force balancing in investigating.
·Determine what steps to take and how to ask the right questions.

Elder Fraud 
·Understand the fastest growing crime in our country.
·Learn who targets seniors and how they identify and manipulate their target.
·Identify the weakest link at your bank and what part that plays.
·Understand the part your loan department plays in elder fraud.
·We’ll explain why don’t victims want anyone to know they’ve been deceived.

Day Two
8:30am - 12:00pm

Essentials of Investigations   
·Security officers, Auditors and Fraud Analysts ALL conduct investigations.
·Every investigation begins with a notification. Learn to handle it properly.
·Drawer/vault won’t balance, deposit/shipment short; all are investigations.
·Learn the basic skills so you aren’t doomed from the start.
·Identify common causes and learn where to look.
·Ask the right questions! Then interpret the response.

What Keeps You Up At Night?
·Thought provoking, dynamic group discussion.
·Combatting fraud is never an easy job for anyone.
·High energy session will deliver answers to “What keeps everyone up at night?”
·Learn to work smarter not harder when tackling fraud challenges.
·Identify powerful strategies to take charge of fraud at your bank.

Social Engineering
·Fast moving session on preventing how social engineering is successful
·Learn how identity thieves gather information ahead of an attack.
·Identify the ways in which your institution is targeted.
·Understand how to question and differentiate a potential thief from a customer.
·Don’t give away information freely.
·Learn the skills to avoid giving social engineers information or access to accounts.

All materials will be provided and lunch will be included on Day One.

Community Banker University's Fraud Seminar is only offered once annually, so don't miss this opportunity to improve your fraud fighting skills.

Security officers, BSA/AML officers, risk management officers, auditors, human resources personnel, accounting staff and all levels of bankers with bank monitoring responsibilities

ICBA Members: (prior to March 2) $595 / (after March 2) $695
Nonmembers: $795
Nonbankers: $1,195

12 CPE Credits

Program Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: No previous experience and training is necessary.
Delivery Method: Group-Live
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge 

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